Dr. Abby Hacohen, Psy.D.
Registered Psychological Associate


Making the choice to begin therapy can be challenging, sometimes feeling quite urgent, and other times feeling somewhat of a luxury. In truth, there’s nothing more important than making time to get support & develop your own innate ability to address life’s challenges. It’s easy to get stuck in patterns that compound rather than alleviate our troubles. Paramount to my practice is creating a safe and productive environment where we can take a closer look at what’s going on and work towards your individual goals. Those might include working through conflict or trauma, breaking harmful cycles & feelings of paralysis, developing tools for better coping, communication & success, or just living more authentically.

I work with adolescents and adults on issues surrounding depression, anxiety, parenting, relationships, work and school-related difficulties, trauma, loss, transitions, and personal growth.

As a parent, I recognize the unique trials and complexities that accompany the journey of raising kids and enjoy helping others navigate this as well.


A native of Los Angeles, I graduated magna cum laude from Tufts University outside Boston, Massachusetts and lived in New York City before returning to California. I completed my M.A. and Psy.D. in Counseling Psychology in 2000 from the California Graduate Institute, now part of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

My clinical experience includes psychotherapy at both the California Graduate Institute Counseling Center as well as the South Bay Center for Counseling, with additional clinical study under eminent Intersubjectivity theorist, Dr. Robert Stolorow. My early work focused on the prevention and treatment of eating disorders, spending much time working with students and parents in schools across Los Angeles to address this challenging topic.

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Ensuring a good fit with your therapist is key. If you’re wondering whether I’m the right one for you, feel free to call me and let’s talk about how we might work together.

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Available for in Person & Teletherapy Appointments

Dr. Abby Hacohen is a pre-licensed Psychological Associate, registered by the California Board of Psychology, working under the license and supervision of Dr. Michael Collins.

About Dr. Michael Collins

Dr. Michael Collins is an engaging and dynamic therapist who has grown a practice that feels much like an extension of family. Whether clients engage him for short-term solutions, or choose to stay for the long haul, Mike has a collaborative approach that people feel comfortable working within. Dr. Collins works with a variety of clients, including adolescents and typical twenty to fifty something men and women… LEARN MORE

Dr. Michael Collins Services

I work with adults, teens, couples, and entire families. Sometimes people call knowing exactly what they are looking for, other times a few sessions are required to truly figure out the best approach to address your concern. Regardless of how therapy begins, those first few sessions will allow us get to know one another, and together we will decide the best way to help you move forward… LEARN MORE


My colleagues and I have designed our practice around the understanding that we are here to make coming to therapy as simple as possible. From our office aesthetic, to how we bill, you will quickly discover that we have created an environment that is aimed at making this as simple as possible… LEARN MORE